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fashion tips: what's the point of capsule wardrobes that don't fit?

Defining your personal style for my building a wardrobe method we kicked off last week, is all about buying pieces that you love. Eventually, it will be easy to find items that you feel great in and that work well with your lifestyle. When you feel comfortable, your style will look effortless.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Can you believe I had the audacity to even attempt at starting this post that way? Who am I kidding? Fashion stylist turned fashion editor turned fashion entrepreneur and I leave the house looking no better than Snooki in a muumuu on her best day. Okay so perhaps I exaggerate the self-deprecation there. I look more like a model off duty most days, but um, like a model from thirty years ago who shops from QVC and yard sales because that's where the "unique" pieces are. I am so sick and tired of being ignorant to the specialized fashion design education I was blessed with, dressing myself in pieces of crap that don't fit me because I refuse to acknowledge my correct body shape while resorting to the excuse of "being too busy" to do anything about it. I am not Sofia Vergara or Jessica Biel or Beyonce. And shopping thrift stores for ethical reasons is a moot point when I simply return home with fast fashion trash like skin-tight American Eagle or far from tailored H&M pieces with the tags still on them. Whoop, go me!

It is always a good idea to go through your closet on a regular basis. Why? Because if you are anything like me, you know better, in fact you know so much you don't even need to read my practice-what-you-preach post, but meditating on the state of your closet with the intention of really being present is an eye opener so that you can really come to terms with how much crap you're collecting and didn't even know you had. If you haven't worn an item in over a year, it's time to donate it or sell it. Stop digesting that advice only to do nothing with it. DONATE YOUR CLOTHES! Seriously. There are so many reasons that we hang on to clothes, and while it is tempting to cling on to items for sentimental value, it will be freeing to open up some space for outfits that you will enjoy in the present. Especially ones that actually fit you. Ahem. #wakeupcall

Organizing your “elimination” process is as simple as separating your clothes into piles of what you want to keep, what you want to perhaps sell (there are sooo many apps and websites to do this now, the least of which is eBay), and what you want to donate or throw away due to poor condition. Most magazines or vanity blogs will tell you to simply keep the items you have worn this year and that still look nice. I'm calling bullshit on that. Let's cut the crap. There is no need on this god given earth why you should keep any item meant for covering your naked body that makes you look worse than if you were to, well, just leave the house naked. Rid yourself of items that are stretched, don't fit, or that are irreparably stained. Case closed.


Because what the heck is the point of wearing shit that doesn't fit you? I mean really. Didn't you say you have a master's degree? If this country is going to oppress us with debt for that degree, we can at least dress the part. So let's make a pact toward building a wardrobe worth wearing...outside the house.

Remember: quality is key. I have indeed seen a well produced H&M blazer, Forever 21 jacket, and tailored Zara skirt, but you already know how I feel about fast fashion. Rarely does it benefit the buyer, much less the overworked underpaid Asians who produced it. Fast fashion is quick sand, I agree, but if you need an intervention then just admit it like I did. Be honest with yourself. No one is looking. Just trash the trash. Because trust me, once you leave the privacy of your own closet, then the world has full view of how saggy your ass looks in those on-trend Lucky magazine recommended harem pants. #justsayin

You will always have something in your closet if you keep pieces that are high-quality and well-constructed. But let's please just stop punishing ourselves by ignoring the importance of fit. A wardrobe that fits you so masterfully is not solely about knowing you are a size 8 or medium. You should know your measurements, have a tailor on speed dial (this is not a luxury, stop foaming at the mouth, even a dry cleaner can be your tailor) and at the minimum be fully in tune with your body shape. The success of building a capsule wardrobe from scratch with enviable capsule pieces depends on this.

After you have filtered through your closet, take your donation items to relevant new homes. These days, there are so many different places to bring good clothing that you no longer wear. Designer pieces can be resold at consignment shops or local vintage shops. You can earn extra money and pare down your closet at the same time. Other items can be brought to clothing drives or local non-profits. With an edited closet and a new outlook on your personal shopping, you will be ready to fill your closet with quality items that will make getting dressed in the morning a fun and creative experience. Not one filled with doubt and resentment. You know damn well when you don't feel your best because those shoes are too tight but you had to have them, and the jeans are from a designer clearance rack but leave a crater around your waist when you take them off. Also, a lady shall not get promoted when her cleavage is toppling out of her button down shirts from an ill-fitting work wardrobe. I know curvy girls, I feel your pain! Just find one uniform that makes you look like a million bucks like I suggested in last week's post, and start from there. Baby steps.

Here is a peek at finding your body shape and style tips for each. Five points for each reader who already knew their correct body shape. Points redeemable for hugs. Hugs provided at my book tour ten years from now. As much as I want to be a coca-cola bottle, I'm just a rectangle. But I look damn good in a long spandex dress with ruching on the seams. Tell me in the comments if you are already dressing for your body shape. Put me to shame. Onwards!

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  1. this is so helpful! thank you so much for sharing this! it's a great way to boost one's self esteem and confidence :D

    xoxo, rae

    1. You're welcome Rae, glad it helped!

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    This is great. I am in between inverted rectangle and pear. I have wide shoulders, but my hips are a little bigger than my bust, but I do have a waist. I just try everything on!

    1. Haha thats probably the best method no matter what! Though it means we can't really bring people along who are impatient :)


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