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are seat covers necessary?

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In this neverending pandemic, keeping yourself safe from germs and viruses during travel is a big task. And if you are a committed fearless wanderluster like me, you may have recently caught yourself wondering...

Why are seat covers necessary for air travel?

Look, there's no debating safety is the most important thing in our life right about now. And we would feel hella guilty if we did not take time to understand simple preventive measures that not only protect our trip but make doubles our enjoyment from the peace of mind we receive after a little proactive travel prep. One thing is clear after 2020: we cannot see germs and viruses. On the one hand, w should all be thankful that we cannot see germs. At least I speak for my OCD self. 

But, in that scenario of going into travel situations blind, if we cannot see these devilish germs, we cannot stay safe from them. So, it serves us well to do your best to stay safe from invisible bacteria whether you are at your house or traveling to Europe. 

When it comes to traveling by air, there must be an answer to this question that plaques the mind, ”Are seat covers necessary for flights while traveling?

Most people love to travel by air. It is fast, comfortable, and classy. 

And those of us who have reached our quota of staycations or visiting grandma are hell bent on sticking to our tradition of long haul flights that take us to the magical lands of Europe, the UK, and even further abroad.

But what about germs on the airplane seats! This is a conversation not many people are having openly. And I for one am now adamant about learning how to cover my airline seats before stepping foot on an upcoming flight.

You have no clue which person was sitting on your booked chair in the past. 

You do not know whether the person was healthy or not. 

You do not even know if the flight attendant was feeling moody as all hell that day and decided to do a shitty half hazard job of cleaning up.

So, to stay safe from diseases, it is absolutely necessary to have seat covers for your airplane seats. 

Don't get me wrong, plenty of decent enough airlines do their best to keep their passengers safe from touching germs and contracting diseases on their watch; hence they disinfect the seats before every flight. 

But you have to take every single precaution, because who really wants to leave our sensitive (aka one-and-only) immune system in the hands of overworked and underpaid employees?

In the covid-19 pandemic, people think traveling is unsafe because there is a high chance of getting the virus. Well, that is true. But we cannot freeze our lives due to this pandemic. Hence in these crucial situations, airplane seat covers can help you to stay protected from germs while traveling. 

Seat covers will make a layer between you and your seat. As your body or travel outfits will not touch the seat, you will not get germs. Pretty simple.

Speaking of outfits, do you still need seat covers for your special clothing so that you're protected from stains?

Well, duh! I mean how did I never think of this before! As much as I obsess over wearing white 24/7 (proof in the pudding pictured below) I cannot believe it took an entire worldwide pandemic to learn about airline chair seat covers! Who knew.

Travelers who have been in the know also use these special seat covers which protect them from germs, stains and alas from the touch of other people. 

So what are the pros and cons of airplane seat covers?

Whenever you adopt a new travel habit, there are always some bad effects along with the good effects right. Such is life. So now that the question in your mind of if seat covers are even necessary in the first place has been answered (woo hoo!) let's wrap this party up by going over any need-to-know pros and cons of using the very best options out there for airplane seat covers. If you are deciding on buying seat covers for your next flight consider:

Gains of using airplanes seat covers

Losses of using airplane seat covers

The airplane seat covers have special padding and fabric, which provides extra comfort to your body while traveling.

If the seat cover does not fit your seat well due to the seat's shape or the size of the cover, then it may be uncomfortable to travel with that.

If you love your pet and cannot stay away from your pet, then a seat cover can help you keep your seat clean during the flight.

If the fabric of your seat covers is very warm, it may cause your body to sweat during the flight.

Just a sneak peek at looks coming up next week and some of this week's links to love. By the way, you need to be out in the park too, its gorgeous out. Go go go!

+ Discovered the wardrobe voyeuristic binge Closet Visit thanks to my absolute new favorite natural beauty blog Seed to Serum, who is undoubtedly my favorite because of this right here: "If you would have told me two years ago that in a short time I'd be a green juice drinking, synthetic chemical fearing, pseudo-yogi, I would have said, "b*tch, please." -Megan, Seed To Serum 
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