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quality of life my french nomad life in paris will be....

Paris, France

How does one imagine a quality dream life in Paris epitomizing minimalist french style

Mine would... filled with jetsetting flights to hidden gem cities, bike rides along the riverside country towns, visits to all the grande pink palaces with their luscious summer gardens, shopping for blooming peonies even when I have no idea where to put them, indulging in designer fashions, (whether rented or stolen!channeling my inner Jane Birkin whilst I tout around my pink pastry boxes all tied up with ribbon and my lunch wicker basket flaps in my arm, scavenge the city for the most pungent cheeses and brightest macarons, impromptu window shopping at the outdoor book stands where I meet my future European lover over our shared passion for livres de histoire, and of course lots of sneaking up on the croissant delivery boys to see if I can't exchange a few batted eyelashes for a fresh, melt in your mouth pain au chocolat!

But until then, I'm off to make a breakfast smoothie, flip through some mags I just bought (including Elle with Lauren Conrad on the cover, yay!) keep dreaming of other magical European countries, and watch the highly anticipated Gossip Girl Premiere from last night, online. The episode is called Belle du Jour after all. A bientot mes amis!


  1. Absolutely love this! check out a similar post I did in spanish:

  2. Such perfection. Sounds like a lovely trip! I might just tag a long with you ;)

  3. i can see it now...i'll come visit and we can go on bike rides and eat all kinds of sweets and visit the louvre and eiffel tower!

  4. Do you have a button to link back to you?

  5. Anonymous12:09 AM

    It sounds lovely. All of these photos are perfection, especially the last one and I want the Miu Miu pink bag.

  6. Wow such lovely pictures! So makes me want to go to Paris! I love Gossip Girl...I've seen the pictures from the new series and it looks to wait a while though before it comes on here in the UK! :-)

  7. I miss Paris so much! Would die to go back. But on the other hand Spring has arrived here and Summer is just around the corner, so it's not all bad :)

  8. Anonymous10:51 AM

    The first picture is one of my city! I leave there, so amazing to see this photo in your blog!
    It's Annecy and I can tell you that it's really a typical french and medieval town.
    Otherwise, sorry for my poor english!
    Bisous, jessica.


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